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The 14th Amendment establishes that American citizenship is established by:
a) Taking a citizenship test
b) Birth on American soil
c) Moving to the United States
d) Taking an oath

The 4th Amendment states that authorities need this to obtain a search warrant:
a) a veto
b) writ of habeas corpus
c) eminent domain
d) probable cause

The 5th Amendment protects all the following, except:
a) Right to jury trial
b) Protection against double jeopardy
c) Protection against self-incrimination
d) Right to be presented with an indictment (formal charges)

The 1st Amendment states the federal government cannot:
a) Prohibit slander
b) Print religious symbols on government property
c) Establish religion
d) Arrest people

Double jeopardy in the Constitution refers to:
a) The second round of a game show.
b) Serving jury duty twice
c) Being charged twice for the same crime
d) Being arrested twice

All powers not given to the federal government are reserved for:
a) the states
b) the Supreme Court
c) The Congress
d) the Kardashians

The 8th Amendment prohibits:
a) Excessive spending
b) Excessive taxes
c) Excessive bail
d) Excessive speech-making

The 9th Amendment states:
a) Just because a freedom isn't listed, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist
b) Just because a power isn't given to the federal government, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist
c) All powers not given to the federal government are reserved for the people
d) Government cannot use cruel and unusual punishment

This amendment protects the right to trial by jury:
a) 6th
b) 5th
c) 4th
d) 3rd

The 16th Amendment authorized the creation of this:
a) electoral vote
b) income tax
c) universal health care
d) universal public education

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