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Enzymes catalyze reactions. What does a catalyst do?
a) Speeds things up
b) Creates energy
c) Hulk Smash!
d) Nothing

In our toothpickase lab, what was the substrate or reactant?
a) Your hands
b) Your eyes
c) The toothpick
d) None of the above

In our enzyme temperature lab, what relationship did we observe to be true?
a) At high temperatures, enzymes are destroyed and do not work
b) At high temperatures, enzymes work the best
c) At room temperature, enzymes are destroyed and do not work
d) At room temperature, enzymes become products.

How do enzymes increase the rate of reactions?
a) By increasing the activation energy
b) By lowering the activation energy
c) By providing more energy to the reactants
d) By providing more energy to the products

In a chemical reaction, a reactant binds to an enzyme at a region known as the
a) catalyst
b) product
c) substrate
d) active site

Which of the following is not a factor that affects enzyme activity?
a) Temperature
b) pH (acidity)
c) Cell Membrane
d) Enzyme Concentration

Which of the following is not a good analogy for an enzyme?
a) Energy Drink
b) Comcast High-Speed
c) Coffee
d) Textbook

Enzymes are made of
a) nucleic acid
b) carbohydrate
c) protein
d) lipids

2 H2O2 ---> 2H2O + O2 // what is the reactant?
a) H2O2
b) H2O
c) O2
d) catalase

In the our toothpickase lab, what would happen if you put your hands in ice-water before you started breaking toothpicks?
a) Rate of reaction would increase
b) Rate of reaction would decrease
c) Rate of reaction would stay the same
d) none of the above

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