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The minimum amount of time a president must have lived in the U.S. to become president:
a) 7 years
b) life
c) 25 years
d) 9 years

They cast the official ballots to elect the president:
a) state legislatures
b) Supreme Court
c) voters
d) electors

If neither of the top two candidates for the presidency receive a majority of electoral votes, this body chooses the president:
a) Senate
b) state legislatures
c) Supreme Court
d) House of Representative

The president gives this speech every year:
a) State of the Country Address
b) Gettysburg Address
c) State of the Union Address
d) State of the Republic Address

The president is allowed to appoint the heads of these:
a) Congressional committees
b) State parties
c) Executive departments
d) Military generals

Federal elections are held in this month:
a) October
b) January
c) December
d) November

The primary duty of the executive branch is to:
a) Carry out laws
b) Veto laws
c) Create laws
d) Interpret laws

The president can issue these, which forgive a convict of his crime:
a) probation
b) bonds
c) pardon
d) parole

This proportion of Congress in n
a) 2/3
b) 60
c) 50/50
d) 3/4

The title given to the president as leader of the armed forces.
a) Commandier-in-Chief
b) Chief executive
c) Chief Diplomat
d) Chief Legisalator

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