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Congress sets the rules for becoming a citizen, which is called this:
a) emigration
b) immigration
c) naturalization
d) refugee

Article I sets the rules for the branch of government:
a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial
d) State

Congress can sell these to the public to borrow money:
a) parking spaces
b) stocks
c) savings accounts
d) bonds

Congress is prohibited from taxing this:
a) sales
b) exports
c) imports
d) luxury items

Congress has the sole power to:
a) Review laws
b) Make treaties
c) Declare war
d) Propose a budget

Congress has the sole power to create this:
a) federal court system
b) executive agreements
c) election schedules
d) Constitutional amendments

Congress has the power to regulate this, which means the buying and selling of goods and service:
a) loaning
b) borrowing
c) taxation
d) interstate commerce

Congress has the sole power to protect the rights of inventors to their ideas and inventions, so these are issued:
a) patents
b) certificates
c) notifications
d) militias

Congress cannot pass a law that makes an act a crime after it has been committed, which is called this type of law:
a) bill of attainder
b) ex post facto
c) pro bono
d) much wrongo

The name for the powers specifically written in Article I are called these types of powers:
a) national
b) local
c) reserved
d) enumerated

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