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Photosynthesis And Respiration. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In the first stage of respiration
a) Energy is used up
b) A small amount of energy is used
c) Water and carbon dioxide leave the cell
d) A huge amount of energy is created

Which process is responsible for producing most of Earth's oxygen?
a) photosynthesis
b) mutations
c) respiration
d) transportation

The process of respiration takes place mostly in the
a) vacuole
b) cell membrane
c) cytoplasm
d) mitochondria

Respiration is important to the cell because
a) It moves molecules in and out
b) It helps the cell divide
c) It supplies the energy that the cell needs
d) It helps the cell grow

Photosynthesis and respiration are similar because
a) They involve the same chemical compounds
b) They take place in the same organelles
c) They create the same products
d) They happen at similar times

The products of photosynthesis are
a) carbon dioxide and water
b) glucose and water
c) oxygen and water
d) glucose and oxygen

The main pigment found in the chloroplasts of plants is
a) carbon
b) chlorophyll
c) chlorine
d) chloride

In the second stage of photosynthesis the cell
a) uses captured energy to make sugars
b) diffuses the products across the membrane
c) looses carbon dioxide from the stomata
d) captures the sun's energy

The raw materials of respiration are
a) carbon dioxide and water
b) glucose and water
c) energy and oxygen
d) glucose and oxygen

Chlorophyll is important in photosynthesis because
a) it is where the diffusion takes place
b) It is in the mitochondria-the cell's power house
c) It is green, which attracts carbon dioxide molecules
d) It absorbs the light, providing energy

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