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Pioneers had many obstacles to overcome, espcially the climate and ______________.
a) time
b) geographical features
c) illness
d) cowboys

_________________________ is a person who goes before others and marks the way.
a) pioneer
b) cowboy
c) iron horse
d) traveler

Which of the following is soil filled with roots?
a) sod
b) mechanical reaper
c) agriculture
d) terrain

A _________________is a person who claimed and settled the land under the Homestead Act.
a) homesteader
b) iron horse
c) cowboy
d) pioneer

Pedro was born in Mexico but moved to America. He is an example of a _____________.
a) immigrant
b) sodbuster
c) cowboy
d) pioneer

What is the surface of the land called?
a) terrain
b) sod
c) boom town
d) reservation

New Technologies such as the Steel Plow, Windmill, and ____________ made farming easier.
a) mechanical reaper
b) railroad
c) boom town
d) cotton gin

What two groups of immigrants helped to build the Transcontinental Railroad?
a) Chinese and Irish
b) Americans and Indians
c) Australians and Americans
d) Chinese and Italians

What did the Trasncontinental Railroad connect?
a) East to West
b) North to South
c) South to East
d) North to East

What animal was harmed while building the Transcontinental Railroad?
a) giraffe
b) coyotes
c) buffalo
d) fox

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