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At the beginning of the Great Depression, the Chicago Public Library did all of the following except
a) Eliminate 20% of the staff
b) Reduce branch hours
c) Cease all book ordering
d) Close two branches

What was the average percentage that salaries of library workers were cut during the Great Depression?
a) 5 to 10 percent
b) 10 to 20 percent
c) 20 to 30 percent
d) 30 to 40 percent

Which state saw the most in public library growth during the Great Depression?
a) New York
b) Pennsylvania
c) Iowa
d) Florida

Public libraries during the Great Depression implemented the _____ shelves, which held new fiction books that cost to check out.
a) Popular Title
b) Lease
c) Rental
d) Depression

What was/were the result(s) of the 1934 Chicago Public Library book drive?
a) It acquired over 80,000 books, though most could not be used
b) It used up much staff time
c) It strengthened the Chicago Public Library's presence in the community
d) All of the choices

In which city did community members run benefit fund drives and pay the rent of the public library and a “registration” fee in order to keep their branch open during the Great Depression?
a) Detroit
b) New York
c) Chicago
d) Baltimore

Oklahoma's CWA project from 1932 to 1934 created a union catalog of what type of material from Oklahoma's college, state, and public libraries?
a) Popular fiction
b) Native American and local history material
c) Non-fiction titles published during the 1800s
d) Railroad literature

The “self-charging” system, used by the Chicago Public Library to save staff time during the Great Depression, was
a) A device that allowed patrons to check out material themselves
b) A method in which patrons could fill out their own call-slips
c) A box in which patrons could place their money if they had late fees on their library accounts
d) A ramp on which returned books would “charge” (travel) into their correct bin for sorting

Which clubs contributed the most to the growth of public libraries in Oklahoma before and during the Great Depression?
a) YMCA clubs
b) Girl Scouts clubs
c) Boy Scouts clubs
d) Women's clubs

Between the years of 1930 and 1935, nationwide library expenditures decreased by what percentage?
a) 8%
b) 17%
c) 32%
d) 54%

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