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Which is part of the marketing mix?
a) product
b) advertising
c) selling
d) producing

What is marketing?
a) goods and services
b) time and place
c) promotion and price
d) sales and managment

What are the functions of marketing?
a) walmart, kroger, and publix
b) price, promotion, place, and product
c) goods, services, utility, and target market
d) Purchasing, promotion, financing, and distribution

When does exchange take place?
a) every time something is sold in the marketplace.
b) when you hand something over
c) when you trade with somebody
d) give out items

What is utility?
a) goods ans service
b) The usefulness of a product
c) price and promotion
d) place and product

What is time utility?
a) Valentines Day
b) Christmas
c) holloween
d) A product available at the right time of year or day

what is form utility?
a) printing things
b) Making or producing things
c) cooking things
d) drawing things

What is place utility?
a) Atlantic Station
b) Buckhead
c) product increased because of its location.
d) product decreases because of its location.

What is possession utility?
a) Credit cards or checks
b) gift cards
c) coupons
d) cash

What is information utility?
a) barcodes
b) name tags
c) Packages, labels
d) price tags

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