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Which of the following usually is a characteristic of the sport/event industry:
a) Manages a worldwide media network
b) Employs only those people who have athletic ability
c) Provides products that are different for each consumer
d) Communicates with a limited audience

The core benefits to customers who purchase sport products include entertainment, health, and
a) promotion
b) adaptability
c) achievement
d) independence

A unique characteristic of the sport industry is that it seeks to attract markets that
a) demand mostly tangible products
b) are concerned with environmental issues
c) include spectators and participants
d) have consumers with artistic talent

When a professional football expansion team is established in a community, the economic impact might result in
a) business closures, job layoffs, and high inflation rates
b) higher tax rates and fewer financial investment opportunities
c) increased job creation and more consumer spending
d) more tourism, lower tax rates, and high interest rates

The Chamber of Commerce for a large city estimates the income for the city generated by the sales tax, parking fees, food-service tax, and amusement tax collected as a result of a
a) total
b) direct
c) fiscal
d) indirect

Professional sports teams benefit their surrounding community by
a) endorsing local political candidates
b) making seat licenses available to season ticket holders.
c) hiring handlers to make sure athletes behave
d) attracting tourist dollars

A baseball game broadcast on the radio is an example of
a) a nonsport event
b) sport media
c) a sporting good
d) owned-goods service

Your high-school\'s basketball team went to the state championship game last year, but didn\'t even make the play-offs this year. This is an example of a(n) ___________sport/event p
a) inconsistent
b) consistent
c) tangible
d) perishable

Most sport/event products are classified as
a) pure goods
b) a combination of rented and owned-goods services
c) a combination of goods and services
d) pure services

Over the years, Wrigley Field has earned a reputation as one of the best places to watch a Major League Baseball game. This is called brand
a) awareness
b) loyalty
c) quality
d) image

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