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This is a way to balance the branches of government
a) checks and balances
b) separation of powers
c) ratification
d) federalism

Veto means
a) a formal process to approval a document
b) a government leader stopping the passing of a law by not signing it
c) it is against the constitution
d) to divide powers between the branches of government

What judical review mean?
a) the judical branch has to review every law from the president
b) the judical branch's ability to select a veto
c) the judicial branch's ability to declare the actions of another branch unconstitutional
d) the executive branch doing a review of the actions of the judical branch

political organization of a divided government branches and territorial subdivision in the states
a) popular sovereignty
b) federalism
c) supremacy
d) constitutional

This says tht the US constitution is the supreme law of the land
a) supremacy clause
b) judical review
c) bill or rights
d) Declaration of Independence

super majority
a) what it takes to write a federalist paper
b) what it takes for there to be a veto
c) what it takes for the president to stop a bill
d) any majority that is larger than a single majority such as 3/5, 2/3 etc...

to take back or take something off of an official document
a) repeal
b) veto
c) review
d) majority

Suffrage means
a) government powers are divided
b) only federalist can vote
c) the right to vote
d) the balance of power between the nation and the states

What is the difference between a political party and the electoral college?
a) they are not different at all
b) political parties are those who influence votes / the electoral college are votes that really decide
c) to be on the electoral college you must be on the same political party as the president
d) parties decide who wins / electoral colleges research who can win

The leaders of the executive departments who aid the president are called the
a) electoral college
b) federalist
c) cabinet
d) judical review board

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