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people who supported the constitution
a) federalists
b) suffragist
c) antifederalists
d) democrats

people who were against the constitution
a) federalists
b) antifederalists
c) suffragist
d) democrats

the pen name of farmers that were founders of the roman republic
a) federalists
b) ratificationers
c) nobilus
d) publius

What were the federalists papers?
a) the first ten amendments
b) a collection of essays on the principles of government
c) the process of selecting a document
d) the essays of John Jay against the constitution

Why is the Bill of Rights important?
a) it provides basic rights for citizens
b) it is the reason that enough states ratified the constitution
c) it guarantees Americans rights and freedoms
d) all of the above

Ratification means
a) formally approving the process of a document
b) the creation of a government subject
c) the division of government powers
d) a way to balance the branches of government

What is the idea that government is created by and subject to the people?
a) federalism
b) popular sovereignty
c) judicial review
d) publius

What does limited government mean?
a) the government is united by the same document
b) all judges follow sovereign laws
c) documents are ratified for approval
d) the government does not have much power

This principle means that every member of a society including the government must follow the law
a) bill of rights
b) judicial review
c) rule of law
d) supremacy

This is the division of government powers among the three established branches
a) checks and balances
b) bill of rights
c) supremacy clause
d) separation of powers

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