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Immigrants used to board on
a) steamships
b) trains
c) horses
d) shuttles

Most immigrants used to come from
a) South America
b) North America
c) Eastern Europe
d) Northern Europe

After examination, immigrants were marked with a piece of
a) clothes
b) talk
c) chalk
d) walk

In order to see if you can read or write, you have to pass
a) an illiterate test
b) a literacy test
c) a letter test
d) a literature test

How many Americans have ancestors who came through Ellis Island ?
a) 40%
b) 80%
c) 20%
d) 60%

Approximately .... people were sent back to their original countries
a) 1,200
b) 12,000
c) 1,200,000
d) 120,000

a synonym of to embark is
a) to dock
b) to disembark
c) to board
d) to land

When arriving in a country, you must show your passport to a
a) costume officer
b) coast official
c) customs officer
d) customer

The Statue of Liberty holds a torch and
a) the Bible
b) a laptop
c) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
d) The Declaration of Independance

Ellis Island is located in the State of
a) New Jersey
b) New York
c) New Hampshire
d) New Mexico

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