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In a parliamentary system, citizens elect members of parliament called
a) queens
b) the cabinet
c) MPs
d) head of state

Which is the strongest branch of government in the United Kingdom?
a) Judicial
b) Monarchy
c) Legislative

The ________ is teh symbolic leader of the country.
a) head of state
b) chief executive
c) prime minister
d) president

What are the two predominant forms of democratic government?
a) chief system presidential
b) presidential system chief
c) parliamentary system presidential

The average number of people living in a square mile is
a) literacy rate
b) standard of living
c) population density

The MPs choose a leader from among themselves called _________.
a) president
b) prime minister
c) queen
d) head of state

A similarity between countries in Europe, Latin America, and Canada is that people tend to live in is
a) rural areas
b) on an island
c) urban areas

What type of government exists in Brazil and Mexico?
a) communist
b) parliamentary democracy
c) presidential democracy
d) monarchy

What causes the United Kingdom to have an unusally mild climate?
a) Gulf Stream
b) Mountains
c) Snowfall that is not very deep

The __________ heads the military, enforces laws, and keeps the country running day to day.
a) queen
b) chief executive
c) monarch

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