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How do the ports of Russia and the United Kingdom differ?
a) Russia's are open your around while the UK's are not
b) There is no difference between the two
c) The United Kingdom's ports are open year around while Russia's are not

Which country located in southern Europe and is a peninsula extending into the Mediteranean Sea?
a) Russia
b) Italy
c) Germany

A difference between Italy and Germany is that Germany:
a) has less arable land than Italy
b) is more densely populated
c) does not allow people to live near the Rhine River

Which best describes the rights of the citizens in Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom.
a) They do not mention human rights
b) They are nothing alike
c) They are very similar

Which are examples of Romance languages?
a) French and Russian
b) German and English
c) Italian and French

Who is the creator of Christianity?
a) Jesus
b) Abraham
c) Muhammad

What is the Holy book of Judaism?
a) Koran
b) Bible
c) Torah

In which form of government would the FEWEST number of people be involved in making the rule of law?
a) Autocracy
b) Democracy
c) Oligarchy

What has helped Italian merchants become successful traders?
a) Warm air of the Sahara Desert
b) Locatoin of the Mediterranean Sea with access with Africa, Asia, and Europe
c) Location of the Alps which is a defense against other countries

Which condition keeps Russia's natural resources from being used?
a) Harsh climate
b) lack of workers
c) no government funding

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