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Which of the following is not true about prokaryotic cells
a) Bacteria are prokaryotes
b) Prokaryotes have a nucleus
c) Prokaryotes have DNA
d) Prokaryotes are generally smaller than Eukaryotes

Which of the following is not true about cell theory
a) All cells come from pre-existing cells
b) All living things are made of cells
c) All cells can be seen with the human eye
d) Cells are the basic unit of life

Which of the following organisms is not Eukaryotic?
a) Trees
b) Fish
c) Virus
d) Bears

Which of the following do all cells have?
a) cell membrane
b) nucleus
c) flagella
d) cell wall

Based on cell size and cell complexity, which type of cell do you think reproduces at a faster rate?
a) Prokaryotes
b) None of the Above
c) Both
d) Eukaryotes

Which of the following roles do bacteria not play in nature?
a) decomposers
b) nitrogen-fixation in the nitrogen cycle
c) disease-agents or pathogens
d) viruses

What are viruses?
a) Small mosquitoes
b) Examples include: leeches, fleas, lice
c) Small bacteria that have wings instead of flagella
d) Small particles composed of nucleic acid and protein that can only reproduce by infecting living cells

Looking at a cell udner a microscope, you note that it is a prokaryote. How do you know?
a) The cell lacks a cytoplasm
b) The cell lacks DNA
c) The cell lacks a nucleus
d) The cell lacks a cell membrane

Some bacteria are said to be chemoautotrophs. What does "chemoautotroph" mean?
a) Can make energy on its own through chemical reactions
b) Is at the top of the food chain
c) Cannot make energy on its own
d) Can make enrgy on its own through sunlight

All cells have a cytoplasm. What is the cytoplasm?
a) Area outside the cell membrane
b) Area inside the mitochondria
c) Area inside the nucleus
d) Area inside the cell membrane except the nucleus

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