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a child who is raised by someone (usually a wealthy person) who is not their biological parent
a) pendant
b) pendent
c) whard
d) ward

worthy of respect by virtue of age or dignity
a) venerable
b) verenable
c) precarious
d) percarious

lacking in significance or solid worth or frivolous
a) genially
b) genailly
c) triffling
d) trifling

to state as a condition or to specify
a) stipulate
b) encomber
c) encumber
d) stippulate

solitary or alone
a) sequestered
b) sequesttered
c) prudent
d) perdent

characterized by good judgment
a) whard
b) ward
c) purdent
d) prudent

in a friendly manner
a) genially
b) inpertinent
c) impertinent
d) genialy

to burden
a) flippant
b) flipant
c) incumber
d) encumber

lacking proper respect or seriousness
a) incomber
b) encumber
c) flippant
d) flipant

a) inconsequent
b) inconsiquint
c) encumber
d) encomber

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