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Defining the specialized niche of the market to whom the company wishes to make its greatest appeal is called...
a) Niche Marketing
b) Demographics
c) Psychographics
d) Target Marketing

This involves dividing the total market into smaller groups that contain similar characteristics.
a) Customer Service Management
b) Customer Representation
c) Market Segmentation
d) Characteristic Segmentation

The process of carrying a product idea through stages from initial conceptualization to actual appearance in the market.
a) Product Development
b) Product Research
c) Research and Development
d) Developmental Product Research

The hiring of independent specialists to do particular work, rather than using company employees.
a) Independent Contractors
b) Outsourcing
c) Product Managers
d) Supervisor Specialists

Vital statistics of human populations, broken down by such factors as age, gender, race, education, religion, income and occupation are known as...
a) Geographics
b) Psychographics
c) Demographics
d) Market Description

Statistics that try to explain consumer behavior through such variables wuch as lifetyle, values, attitudes and self-concept.
a) Geographics
b) Psychographics
c) Demographics
d) Value System

The process of systematically gathering and analyzing information relating to a particular market.
a) Market Research
b) Systems Analyst
c) Consumer Research
d) Product Development

Cooperative interaction of parts that results in a total effect that is greater than the sum of the parts added together separately.
a) Teamwork
b) Cooperation
c) Team Building Activities
d) Synergy

An increase in the size of the entire market (i.e. more products are sold an there are higher total sales).
a) Market Transformation
b) Market Dominance
c) Sales Forecast
d) Market Growth

The part of the total market controlled by sales, usually computed by percentage of sales in relation to the total industry.
a) Sales Ratio
b) Total Sales
c) Market Share
d) Market Segmentation

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