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Who was selected as president at the Constitutional convention?
a) Washington
b) Hancock
c) Jefferson
d) Franklin

Who was known as the father of the Constitution?
a) James Monroe
b) George Washington
c) James Madison
d) John Jay

The Virginia Plan incuded 3 branches with a ____________ legislature
a) One house
b) Multi house
c) Bicameral
d) Unicameral

Representation in the Virginia Plan was based on
a) Equal representation
b) Eligible voters
c) A state's total square miles
d) Population

The two main components of the New Jersey Plan Included:
a) A two-house legislature and equal representation
b) A two house legislature with representation based on population
c) A one house legislature with equal representation
d) A one house legislature and representation based on population

What is the compromise that dealt with the slave population?
a) The 2/3's Compromise
b) The 3/5's Compromise
c) The 1/3 Comrpomise
d) The 3/4's Compromise

This Compromise would elect the president
a) The popular vote
b) The Anti-Federalists
c) The Federalists
d) The Electoral College

The Constitution was signed on....
a) Septemeber 17, 1862
b) May 17, 1787
c) July 4, 1776
d) September 17, 1787

The Anti-Federalists demanded what be added to the Constitution before ratification?
a) Necessary and Proper Clause
b) The Federalist Papers
c) A Bill of Rights
d) A Supremacy clause

How many states ratified the Constitution?
a) 9
b) 11
c) 13
d) 10

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