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The British began to randomly tax the colonies as a result of .....
a) A world wide depression
b) The Barbary Wars
c) The War for Independence
d) The French and Indian War

Colonist protested British taxes because
a) They were fair
b) They were fully represented in Parliament
c) They were being taxed more then thier English counterparts
d) they were being taxed without representation

The Boston Tea Party was
a) where the colonsit willingly bought Britsih East India tea
b) Where the british closed Boston Harbor
c) Where five colonists were killed and the incident was later callled a massacre
d) led by the Sons of Liberty

The Primary author of the Declaration of Independence was
a) Benjamin Franklin
b) John Adams
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) James Madison

The author of the pamphlet Common Sense was ....
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Paul Revere
c) Thomas Paine
d) Thomas Jackson

What emlightened thinker is most visibly found in the Declaration of Independence\'s philisophical statement?
a) Rosseau
b) Voltaire
c) Locke
d) Montesquieu

This cause of the Revoluition allowed british soldiers to search colonist\'s homes without a warrant:
a) The Intolerable Acts
b) Writs of Assistance
c) Townshend Acts
d) The Stamp Act

This was America's first government after independence
a) The US Constitution
b) The Articles of Confederation
c) The Confedrate States of America
d) The Fundamental Orders of Conneticut

Common law is......
a) Law developed by judges through decisions of courts
b) Law developed by the US Constitution
c) Law developed members of the US Congress
d) Law developed by the people

What is the rebellion in MA that led to the Constitutional Convention in 1787?
a) The Whiskey Rebellion
b) Shay's Rebellion
c) The War between the States
d) The Glorious Revolution

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