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The first form of representative government began in the year 1619 with
a) The Mayflower Compact
b) The House of Burgesses
c) The Great Compromise
d) The Magna Carta

The Mayflower Compact is an example of what type of Democracy
a) Representative Democracy
b) Democracy
c) Direct Democracy
d) Consitutional Democracy

What colonist founded Rhode Island on the idea of separation of Church and State
a) Anne Hutchinson
b) Roger Williams
c) Patrick Henry
d) William Penn

The Peter Zenger Case of 1735 dealt with what issue?
a) Freedom of the Press
b) Freedom of Speech
c) Freedom to peacefully assemble
d) Freedom of Religion

America is a .....
a) A democarcy
b) A republic
c) A Socialist state
d) A direct democracy

A direct democracy originated with the
a) Greeks
b) Ben Franklin
c) Babylonians
d) Romans

The Magna Carta stated
a) government should be divided among three branches of government
b) Representatives make laws
c) Government exists for the people
d) No King is above the law

All of the following are examples of influences on American Government except
a) Magna Carta
b) English Bill of Rights
c) John Locke
d) Da Vinci

John Locke's three natural rights include all of the following except
a) Life
b) Liberty
c) Property
d) Pursuit of Happiness

Baron de Montesquieu proposed the concept of.....
a) Federalism
b) Popular Sovereignty
c) Separation of Powers
d) Consent of the governed

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