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Lysosomes contain
a) enzymes that break down waste and clean up the cell
b) no enzymes at all
c) enzymes that move protein
d) enzymes that store water

What produces the cells cytoskeleton that allows movement in the cell?
a) centrioles
b) vacuoules
c) cilia
d) nucleus

these have long whip like structures that allow cells to move -
a) membranes
b) flagellum
c) cilia
d) cell wall

These organelles use energy from compounds to make ATP
a) golgi apparatus
b) membranes
c) mitochondria
d) animal cells

These are sets of flattened membranes that package and release proteins
a) golgi apparatus
b) vacuoles
c) centrioles
d) enzymes

Vesicles are -
a) veins in animal cells
b) sets of flattened protein producers
c) what make plants green
d) small sphere shaped sacs found only in plant cells

These are large membranes that store water in plant cells -
a) chromosomes
b) central vacuole
c) vesicles
d) chloroplast

Why is the nucleus an important part of biology?
a) it is the reason plants are green
b) it is the reason plants and animal cells react differently to enzymes
c) it regulates everything that goes on inside all animal and plant cells
d) it is the reason cells have different shapes

Which statement is true about pili and cilia?
a) cilia help keep animal airways clear of dirt and pili protect cells from bacteria
b) pili and cilia do the same thing in all cells
c) pili do not fight bacteria and cilia cause debris to stick to cells
d) cilia keep animals free from bacteria and pili are found only in green plants

Which statement is true about rough and smooth ER?
a) Neither of them have any ribosomes.
b) Rough ER is when you don\'t get to see the doctor quick and Smooth ER is when you do. LOL
c) Smooth ER has attached ribosomes and Rough Er does not.
d) Rough ER has attached ribosomes and Smooth ER does not.

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