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Tell me I did not just see that! How did the sun's reflection turn the water in that pipe into steam
a) pollution
b) solar energy
c) solar reflector
d) geothermal energy

Easy now! We must save or else we will soon run out completely
a) wind energy
b) solar batteries
c) nonrenewable energy resource
d) fossil fuel

The theory of global warming is based on the increase of what gas being released into the atmosphere
a) hydrogen dioxide
b) oxygen
c) Sodium Chloride
d) carbon dioxide

Which is an example of a physical change?
a) boiling
b) burning
c) rotting
d) rusting

Which of the following statements explains how to find the number of neutrons in an element?
a) round the atomic mass number to the nearest whole number
b) subtract the atomic number from the atomic mass number
c) subtract the electrons from the protons
d) add the atomic number and the atomic mass number

What happens when a catalyst is added to a chemical reaction?
a) it increases the amount of activation energy needed
b) it slows down the reaction
c) the reaction occurs at the same rate
d) it decreases the amount of activation energy needed

How does one balance an unbalanced chemical equation?
a) by adding coefficients to the equation
b) by adding subscripts to the equation
c) by adding new elements to the equation
d) a chemical equation can not be balanced

The law of conservation of mass does not apply in a chemical reaction that takes place in:
a) a sealed test tube
b) an open container
c) in the digestive system of the human body
d) in the outer reaches of your mind

How is a mixture different from a compound?
a) You can never see the individual parts of a mixture
b) compounds do not occur in nature
c) A mixture is physically combined while a compound is chemically combined
d) a mixture is chemically combined while a compound is physically combined

Where would one look on the periodic table to find an element that does not conduct heat well?
a) to the left of the zigzag line
b) along the zigzag line
c) in the transition metals group
d) to the right of the zigzag line

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