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If I Something at My Bus Stop, I will ____ first.
b) Grab
c) Run
d) Play

After I STOP, I will give my driver a ____ ______.
a) piece of candy
c) funny word
d) hand signal

After I give my driver the hand signal, I wait for my driver to ______ back that it is or is not okay to pick up the object
a) yell
c) signal
d) run

If my driver tells me No, I cannot pick up my object, then I will ____.
a) leave it behind, I can get a new object, but not a new me.
c) pick it up anyway, so I don\'t get into trouble with other people.
d) go get it any way, things are more important than me

If my driver tells me it is okay to pick up my object, I will _______
a) run away to pick it up
b) play a while before I pick it up
c) crawl away to pick it up
d) carefully pick it up without moving too much.

My driver must be able to see me and I must be able to ___ my driver too.
a) cat
b) see
c) fun
d) run

The Danger Zone is __ feet around the front and sides of a school bus.
a) 1
b) 5
c) 12
d) 3

If I drop something I will _____, and ____
a) STOP and SOAR
c) BOB and WEAVE
d) RUN and PLAY

My driver uses ____ signals to \
a) hand
b) light
c) fire
d) smoke

After I drop, stop, and SOAR I will put my object ____.
a) in the trees
d) on my head

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