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Why is it necessary for a historian to be sure of the authenticity of a primary source
a) To make sure that the source is free from bias
b) To make sure that the source does not leave out important facts
c) To make sure that the source can be used for historical research
d) To make sure that the source was written by a famous person

Which of the following is a basic feature of the free-market system
a) The government regulates the price of goods
b) Businesses try to reduce competition
c) The government decides what goods are produced
d) Consumers make their own economic choices

Which social science helps historians learn about group behavior
a) civics
b) sociology
c) political science
d) anthropology

What is one benefit of a free enterprise system
a) One organization decides what goods are produced
b) Competition is discouraged
c) The government owns all businesses
d) Consumers make all economic choices

Whis state is most likely to have a subactic climate
a) Arizona
b) Alaska
c) Texas
d) South Carolina

From which individual would historians most likely learn about artifacts from ancient cultures
a) archaeologist
b) cartographer
c) economist
d) geographer

Which statement best describes the physical regions of the United States
a) Their features are all similar
b) They all contain mountains
c) They are dominated by plains
d) Features vary from region to region.

Which region is largely composed of flat lands
a) Intermountain
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Interior Plains
d) Appalachian Mountains

Which is an example of the interaction between people and their environment
a) The Constitution was written in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
b) The Pilgrims came to North America from England
c) Native Americans irrigated dry lands
d) Hunters and gatherers moved from place to place to find food

Which statement about interpreting historical evidence is true
a) Different historians interpret evidence the same way
b) Historians are not influenced by their own biases
c) Current events rarely affect historical interpretation
d) New sources and ideas may change the interpretation of events

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