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The basic building blocks of matter are called
a) compounds
b) molecules
c) atoms
d) mixtures

An element is composed of only one kind of atom. Which of the following is an element?
a) He
b) H20
c) C12H22011
d) NaCl

When you add sugar to a glass of iced tea and stir, the sugar looks like it disappears. What really happened was that the tea and sugar formed a
a) compound
b) molecule
c) element
d) solution

What's a compound?
a) two elements mixed together
b) two or more elements chemically combined
c) element in a powder state
d) salt combined with water

The pH scale tests the acidity of a substance, with values from 0 (acid) to 14 (base). A measurement of 12 on this scale would indicate a
a) weak base
b) strong base
c) weak acid
d) strong acid

Distilled water is pH tested to reveal a value of 7. This would mean that distilled water is
a) a strong acid
b) slightly acidic
c) basic
d) neutral

A solution with a pH of 7.5 is
a) neutral
b) a base
c) an acid
d) organic

An object or organism that has mass, takes up space and is either a liquid, solid or gas is
a) a metal
b) a mixture
c) matter
d) tasty

The boiling point is the temperature at which
a) gas changes to liquid
b) liquid changes to gas
c) solid changes to liquid
d) solid changes to gas

Which of the following contains more energy?
a) liquid water
b) ice
c) water that is almost boiling
d) steam

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