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What are the Functions of Marketing? (in order)
a) Service Management,Market Information,Promotion,Selling,Financing,Prcing,Distributuion
b) Service Management,Market Information,Promotion,Selling,Financing,Prcing,Distributuion
c) Pricing,Service Management,Distribution,Financing,Marketing-Information Management,Selling,Promotion
d) Distribution,Pricing,Financing,Selling,Promotion,Market Information Management,Service Management

What is Marketed?
a) Durable Goods,Nondurable Goods,Services,People,Places,Organizations,and Ideas
b) Only Clothes
c) Only Food
d) Only Ideas

What are products?
a) Material items you can touch
b) Goods and services
c) A series of tasks performed for a customer
d) All of the Above

Obtaining goods and services for use in the operation of a business or for resale is known as?
a) Promotion
b) Pricing
c) Product
d) Purchasing

What are the five types of utilities?
a) Time, Possession, Information, Form,and Place.
b) Organizations,Places,People,Services,and Nondurable Goods
c) Planning,Pricing,Promoting,Distributing,and Time
d) Information,Organizations,Pricing,Time,and Place.

The process of creating a product in response to market opportunities is known as?
a) Pricing
b) Purchasing
c) Product Planning
d) Promotion

When does an exchange occur?
a) Everytime something is bought
b) Every time something is sold in the marketplace.
c) Everyhting time something is promoted
d) Everytime something is priced

What function of marketing includes the physical movement or the transfer of ownership of a good or service form the producer to the consumer?
a) Promotion
b) Product
c) Goods
d) Distribution

What function of marketing communicates information about products, services, images or ideas to customers or clients to influence their purchase behavior?
a) Distribution
b) Promotion
c) Financing
d) Marketing Information Management

What is pricing?
a) The determination of an exchange price at which the buyer and seller perceive optimum value for a go
b) Helping promote the product
c) Finding the product
d) Buying the product

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