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What is the prefix for clouds that form above 7000 meters?
a) Stratus
b) Cirrus
c) Nimo
d) Strata

Clouds form when the air cools to its
a) dry point
b) dew point
c) evaporation level
d) wet point

These clouds are fluffy with flat bases
a) Stratus
b) Cirrus
c) Cumulus
d) Nimbus

The level at which a cloud condenses is called the
a) condensation level
b) cloud level
c) dew point
d) evaporation level

The adiabatic rate refers to
a) heart rate
b) rate at which clouds form
c) rate at which air cools
d) dew point

Why is the moist-adiabatic rate lower than the dry-adiabatic rate?
a) rising air in a cloud is prevented from cooling as rapidly as in dry air
b) dwqdw
c) the moisture lowers the dew point
d) rising air in a cloud cools quicker than in dry air

What prefix is used to describe clouds of middle height (2000-7000 meters)
a) Cirrus
b) Stratus
c) Nimbostratus
d) alto

Unsaturated air cools at a rate of
a) 15 degrees celsiuis
b) 10 degrees celsiuis
c) 20 degrees celsius
d) 5 degrees celsius

What state is the liquid in of a cirrus cloud?
a) Gas
b) Solid
c) Liquid
d) Plasma

Tiny particles on which clouds condense to are called
a) atoms
b) condensation nuclei
c) nitrogen gas
d) nothing, clouds don't condense on tiny particles

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