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What enables you to read and navigate text and visual information in a nonlinear way?
a) Server
b) URL
c) Hypertext
d) Flash

The first graphical web browser able to display both text and graphics in full color on the same page.
a) Internet Explorer
b) Firefox
c) Safari
d) Mosaic

Cross-platform means that you can access web information ...
a) equally well from any computer hardware running any operating system using any display.
b) without the need for a browser.
c) from a home stereo.
d) even without an Internet connection.

Websites reside on one or more computers, referred to as ...
a) domain names.
b) mobile devices.
c) web browsers.
d) web servers.

URL is short for ...
a) Universal Resource Locator.
b) Uniform Resolution List.
c) Uniform Resource Locator.
d) Unified Research Locator.

Because the Web is dynamic ...
a) you cannot change Web content whenever you wish.
b) if you want a permanent copy of some Web information, you’ll need to save it at that time.
c) no one can view your pages in every browser.
d) sound files cannot be added to your pages.

Which of the following exemplifies the concept of Web interactivity?
a) Turning the sound up on your computer.
b) Adjusting the brightness of your monitor.
c) Publishing your web page to a server.
d) The act of selecting a link and jumping to another web page.

Which of the following is NOT a popular browser in use today?
a) Chrome
b) Safari
c) Wikipedia
d) Opera

HTTP is short for ...
a) Hypertext Transit Protocol
b) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
c) Hypertext Markup Language
d) Hypertext Time Principle

You can make a website without uploading pages to a web server in all of the following ways EXCEPT ...
a) publishing a blog.
b) using a content management system.
c) saving your pages with a TXT extension.
d) publishing pages to a wiki.

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