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The major cause of erosion of Earth's land surface is
a) moving water
b) wind
c) plants

The Chesapeake Bay is classified as
a) an estuary
b) ocean
c) river

What is the advantage of hydroelectric power to produce electricity
a) they do not contribute to air pollution
b) building a dam is expensive
c) only certain places can have a dam

Which statement represents mechanical weathering
a) wedges of ice forming and widening a crack in the rock
b) acid rain breaking down rocks
c) rust forming on rocks

When a person strikes a match mechanical energy is converted into
a) thermal energy
b) solar energy
c) nuclear energy

Which is NOT an example of kinetic energy
a) an apple falling from a tree
b) a waterfall
c) a book sitting on top of a desk

Andrew measured a frog on a triple beam balance, which measurement could be Andrews measurement
a) 14 g
b) 14 mm
c) 14 cm

The weather man said it might snow tomorrow, this statement is a
a) thought
b) prediction
c) inference

Which is not a nonrenewable resource
a) coal
b) oil
c) wind

Which unit of measurement is used to determine the length of an object
a) meter
b) liter
c) grams

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