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Which unit of measurement is used to determine the length of an object
a) liter
c) grams
d) meter

The student will probable perform better on the test if he listens to music. This statement is a
a) prediction
c) theory
d) thought

Matthew measured a feather on the triple beam balance which was Matthew measurement
a) 1.5 mm
c) 1.5 cm
d) 1.5 g

Which is the first step in the scientific method
a) conducting the experiment
b) constructing the hypothesis
d) identifying the problem or question

The source of most of Earth energy comes from
a) the ocean
b) the sun
c) the atmosphere

Which is not a nonrenewable resources
a) coal
b) oil
c) wind

When a person strikes a match mechanical energy is converted into
a) solar energy
b) electrical energy
c) thermal energy

How can a spider insect skip across the water
a) because of thermal energy
b) water's high surface tension
c) water is the universal solven

Hydroelectric power is beneficial for the United States because
a) dams can be built everywhere
b) it is clean and safe
c) it is expensive

An ecosystem is made of biotic factors, which of the following is not a biotic factor
a) sunlight
b) trees
c) grass

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