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What would you use to measure the volume of an irregular rock
a) scale
c) meter stick
d) graduated cylinder

Latitude lines on a globe are the ones that are
a) vertical lines
c) they are not found on a globe
d) horizontal lines

When referring to a rock cleavage this means
a) size
c) luster
d) The capacity of a rock to split along certain parallel surfaces

Which two minerals is it hard to distinguish from one another based on color, luster and streak
a) Galena & Halite
c) Galena & Gold
d) Halite & Quartz

Which mineral is most resistant to weathering
a) Calcite
b) Quartz
c) Mica
d) Halite

Intrusive igneous rocks are formed
a) heat and pressure
c) chemical weathering
d) the solidification of magma/lava deep inside the earth

Which type of rock would you find pieces bits and pieces of minerals and fossils in it
a) Igneous
c) Sedimentary
d) Metamorphic

When intrusive igneous rock cools slowly underground it will have what type of crystal formation
a) large
c) no crystals at all
d) small

The presence of metamorphic rock in Virginia indicates that the are has been subject to
a) deep ocean vents
c) intense heat and pressure
d) volcanic activity

Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are all made up of
a) fossilss
c) minerals
d) inter-grown crystals

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