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Learn About The Greenhouse Effect And Global Warming.

Which is NOT a greenhouse gas?
a) gasoline
b) water vapor
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) methane

What is Global Warming?
a) When there are more gases in the atmosphere so more heat is trapped which makes the Earth warmer.
b) Too many people living in the United States
c) The sun getting closer to the Earth.
d) Cows producing too much methane and killing grass and trees.

What is the layer of the atmosphere that contains greenhouse gases? (Think!)
a) Stratosphere
b) Exosphere
c) Mesosphere
d) Troposphere

What is a greenhouse gas?
a) Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.
b) The Oxygen the plants produce.
c) The warmth you feel from the sun.
d) Oxygen that helps plants grow.

What are CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons)?
a) A group of greenhouse gases that are dangerous greenhouse gases because small amounts can trap large
b) Gases produced by farm animals.
c) Professionals that are working together to find a way to reverse global warming.
d) A group of greenhouse gases that fight off global warming.

What is an example of the greenhouse effect?
a) Stepping on hot pavement and it burning your feet.
b) Baking brownies on a metal pan.
c) Inside of a car becoming hot on a warm day.
d) Steam rising from boiling water

How does global warming affect sea levels?
a) It causes them to go down because so much more water is evaporating.
b) More water is being drank by people.
c) The heated atmosphere causes glaciers and ice caps to melt causing the sea levels to rise.
d) Ocean animals are taking up more space causing sea levels to rise

Which is NOT one way to reduce your carbon footprint?
a) Change to energy efficient light bulbs
b) Open cans of nitrous oxide in the woods.
c) Car pool
d) Take a train instead of a plane.

What type of flooding occurs with Global Warming?
a) Flash floods
b) Coastal flooding
c) Overflowing of groundwater
d) Flooding of rain forests.

What are the two most major gases produced by people?
a) Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide
b) Carbon Dioxide and Methane
c) Methane and Nitrous Oxide
d) Methane and Flourine

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