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When citizens elect a representative to make laws for them.
a) Indirect Democracy
b) Direct Democracy
c) Monarchy
d) Parliamentary Democracy

The start of representative government in North America started in which colony?
a) PA
b) VA
c) NY
d) MA

What geographic factor drew many settlers to the Southern Colonies?
a) Nearness to Spanish Colonies
b) Land for growing crops like rice and tobacco to export
c) Forests for cutting lumber
d) Gold and silver mines

The document that the Pilgrims drafted on their way over to North America was called...
a) The Constitution
b) The Mayflower Compact
c) The Bill of Rights
d) The Declaration of Independence

How did the colonies in New England make an economic profit?
a) Growing tobacco
b) Fishing, and cutting down wood for lumber
c) Growing wheat
d) Selling Native American goods back to Europe

The new colonies in America only exist to help their mother country (England) make a profit. This person believes in which of the following philosophies?
a) Republicanism
b) Federalism
c) Mercantilism
d) Monotheism

VA developed a dependable source of income for itself by growing...
a) Corn
b) Cotton
c) Tobacco
d) Rice

When citizens vote on the laws and issues themselves.
a) Indirect Democracy
b) Direct Democracy
c) Monarchy
d) Parliamentary Democracy

Jamestown VA was founded and colonized for which reason?
a) Economic reasons
b) Religious reasons
c) Political reasons
d) To promote slavery

Which colony is not located in New England?
a) NH
b) CT
c) RI
d) DE

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