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What was England\'s First PERMANENT settlement in North America?
a) Jamestown
b) Salem
c) Roanoke
d) Plymouth

The winter following John Smith\'s departure from Jamestown is called?
a) The prosperous time
b) The peaceful time
c) The freezing time
d) The starving time

in 1606 a Dutch ship arrived in VA carrying...
a) 20 crates of tobacco
b) Corn, beans, and pumpkin seeds
c) The Mayflower Compact
d) 20 enslaved Africans

Which of the following best describes New England's climate?
a) Short mild winters and long hot summers
b) short warm summers and long snowy winters
c) short mild winters and short mild summers
d) long mild winters and long mild summers

Which of the following is a New England colony?
a) MA
b) DE
c) NY
d) ME

The Puritans founded their colony to assure freedom of worship for...
a) Everyone
b) All Christians
c) All non-Christians
d) Themselves

Which of the following was NOT a southern colony?
a) VA
b) NJ
c) MD
d) GA

What is another name for the border established between MD and PA?
a) The Mason-Dixon line
b) The MD-PA line
c) The Plantation line
d) The Toleration line

Why did the Pilgrims create the Mayflower Compact?
a) To help them govern their new colony fairly
b) To show they opposed representative government
c) To reinforce the laws of the English Bill of Rights Parliament
d) To prevent some of the colonists from voting against the leaders

Which Middle colony was known as America's breadbasket?
a) NY
b) PA
c) DE
d) NJ

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