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Don't laugh or_____________at me.
a) jeer
b) geer
c) jear
d) gear

I need to stop my ____________.
a) thist
b) thrist
c) thirst
d) thurst

We mailed the packeage_________.
a) first-class
b) First class
c) First Class
d) firstclass

Please, dont____________the responses.
a) burt
b) blurt
c) blert
d) blurrt

She put her belongings in the_______________.
a) brief case
b) brief-case
c) breifcase
d) briefcase

Thank you for planting the ___________.
a) cornfield
b) corn field
c) corn-field
d) Corn Field

The second in command is the _____________
a) vise president
b) vicepresident
c) vice president
d) vice-president

We bought a ___________stamp.
a) first-class
b) fisrt class
c) first class
d) firrst class

It is _______________to smile:)
a) alright
b) allright
c) all right
d) awe right

I love________________
a) Spelling
b) spellin
c) speeling
d) spell in

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