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We went left school in the
a) afternoon
b) afernoon
c) after noon
d) after-noon

We painted the __________of the scene for the play.
a) backround
b) back ground
c) background
d) back-ground

He was_____________with emotion.
a) over come
b) ovurcome
c) over-come
d) overcome

She changed the_________on the pillow.
a) pillowcase
b) pillow case
c) pillowkase
d) pillow-case

Santa climbs on the ______________.
a) rooftop
b) rufftop
c) roughtop
d) roff-top

We attached the flg on the _____________.
a) flaggpole
b) flag-pole
c) flag pole
d) flagpole

We hear the _____________ on the porch.
a) footstep
b) fotstep
c) foot step
d) Footstep

We voted for the _____________.
a) vicepresident
b) vice-president
c) vice president
d) vice presedent

We went to the maze in the ______________.
a) cornfield
b) corn field
c) kornfield
d) cornfeild

We made cornbread from________________.
a) corn meal
b) cornmeal
c) corn-meal
d) kornmeal

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