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Which phrase is formal for How are You?
a) ?Como te llamas?
b) ?Como esta Usted?
c) ?Que pasa man?
d) ?Como estas?

Which phrase means Whats happening or Whats up?
a) ?Como paso?
b) ?Que pasa?
c) ?Que fue?
d) ?Como te llamas?

How do you say See you later in Spanish
a) Hasta manana
b) Hasta luego
c) Hasta pasta
d) Hasta adios

How do you say How are you to a friend in Spanish?
a) ?Que esta pasando?
b) ?Como fue?
c) ?Como estas?
d) ?Como esta Usted?

Which is the word for Thank You in Spanish?
a) Gratzi
b) Gracioso
c) Gracias
d) Griteria

How do you say Likewise in Spanish?
a) Igor
b) Lenguaje
c) Igualmente
d) Iguana

How do you say And you? in Spanish?
a) Y fu? Y Uged?
b) Y ti? Y Uma?
c) Y Tu? Y Mi?
d) Y tu? Y Usted?

Good afternoon in Spanish is?
a) Buenos tardes
b) Buenos noches
c) Buenas tardes
d) Buenas mananas

Good day or good morning is what in Spanish?
a) Buenas dias
b) Buenos mananas
c) Buenos dias
d) Bien hecho

See you is what phrase in Spanish?
a) Vosotros nos
b) Nos vemos
c) Veo nosotros
d) Nos veo

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