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2nd Part Of Cell Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Kathy and her classmates are looking at an animal cell under a microscope in order to locate the cells genetic material, which occurs on its chromosomes. Where should Scott look to locate the chromosome?
a) in the cell vacuole
b) in the cell nucleus
c) in the cell cytoplasm
d) in the cell mitochondria

What pair of cell structures are found in plant cells, function in protecting the cell and making food and are not found in animal cells?
a) cell membrane and ribosomes
b) mitochondria and a nucleus
c) flagella and Golgi bodies
d) cell wall and chloroplast

All cells do contain:
a) cytoplasm
b) a cell wall
c) chloroplasts
d) a nucleus

The END products of respiration are:
a) glucose and water
b) carbon dioxide, water and energy
c) oxygen, water and energy
d) glucose and water

The cell membrane is to the cell as a __________ is to the classroom.
a) teacher
b) power outlet
c) stove
d) window

The process of releasing energy from food is called
a) plant transpiration
b) human circulation
c) body perspiration
d) cell respiration

Kailtin finds pieces of her hair in her brush. Why is she still able to grow more hair?
a) her body makes new cells
b) her body makes cells stretch
c) her body fills cells with food
d) her body fills cells with water

When water moves across the cell membrane the process is called:
a) pollination
b) respiration
c) transfusion
d) osmosis

What are the two food producing and energy producing organelles in plants are
a) chloropolasts and mitochondria
b) golgi bodies
c) lysosomes and golgi bodies
d) mitochondria and lysosomes

What is an example of a prokaryotic organism?
a) celery
b) horse
c) bacterium
d) mushroom

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