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What\\\'s my favorite color?
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Purple
d) Yellow

What\\\'s my dog\\\'s name?
a) Pickles
b) Lexi
c) Bria
d) Scout

What\\\'s my niece\\\'s name?
a) Bria
b) Alice
c) Daisy
d) Emily

a) Jack
b) Finish
c) The
d) Test

Fill in lines
a) Hi
b) my
c) name is
d) Madison

What do I like?
a) fish
b) cats
c) turtles
d) horses

my favorite show
a) suits
b) law and order
c) criminal minds
d) grey's anatomy

What do i do on Monday?
a) go to chapter
b) go to school
c) nothing
d) go swimming

Where am I from?
a) Plano
b) Utah
c) New york
d) China

I love my
a) dog
b) cat
c) pig
d) fish

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