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What is the name of the organelle found on a paramecium that is used to collect food from the surrounding environment?
a) oral groove
b) contractile vacuole
c) nucleus
d) flagella

What is the vocabulary term for organisms who belong to the group called plant-like protists?
a) photosynthetic
b) slime mold
c) protozoan
d) prokaryotic

What is the vocabulary term for organisms who belong to the group called fungus-like protists?
a) slime mold
b) photosynthetic
c) protozoan
d) prokaryotic

This is an example of green algae, and appears to have a spiral or criss-cross pattern inside the cells.
a) spirogyra
b) ectocarpus
c) bactrospernum
d) volvox

This is a photosynthetic protist that appears like a stack of blocks containing a nucleus.
a) brown algae
b) green algae
c) red algae
d) volvox

Which of the animal-like protists studied moves with cytoplasmic streaming and appears to be blob-like?
a) amoeba
b) paramecium
c) euglena
d) stentor

Which of the following organelles is used to help digest nutrients inside animal-like protists?
a) food vacuoles
b) contractile vacuoles
c) chloroplasts
d) nuclei

Which of the following organelles is used to help expel excess water from protists that was absorbed from their surrounding environment?
a) contractile vacuoles
b) food vacuoles
c) cytoplasm
d) cilia

Which of these structures in plant-like protists help maintain the cells shape and rigid structure?
a) cell wall
b) cytoplasm
c) cell membrane
d) chloroplast

Which of the following organelles is the tail-like structure that helps euglena move toward the light to perform photosynthesis?
a) flagella
b) cilia
c) pseudopodia
d) all of these are correct

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