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What is the name of the group where you can change letters to Bold?
a) Font group
b) Paragraph group
c) Illustrations group
d) Header and Footer group

What is the name of the group where you can change the size of letters?
a) Font group
b) Clipboard group
c) Paragraph group
d) Editing group

What is shading?
a) Adding color to the background of the paragraph
b) Adding color to the letters
c) Adding a text effect to letters
d) Adding a border to the paragraph

Which group has the command to show formatting marks?
a) Paragraph group
b) Font group
c) Editing group
d) Clipboard group

What happens when you click the small box with an arrow in the lower right corner of a group?
a) It launches a dialog box.
b) It opens the Backstage View.
c) It takes you to a new ribbon.
d) It opens a new document.

What does Word display when you press the File tab?
a) The Backstage View
b) The Home ribbon
c) The print preview screen
d) The view of the page as it would appear on the Web

Which group has commands to cut, copy, and paste data?
a) Clipboard group
b) Font group
c) Paragraph group
d) Quick Access Tab

Which command copies all the style from one location to another?
a) Format Painter
b) Change case
c) Add text art
d) Find and replace

What is predesigned graphic additions to letters?
a) Text Art
b) Headers and Footers
c) Change Case
d) Format Painter

What is Live Preview?
a) The text changes temporarily to show what it would look like in a new font or size.
b) The text changes permanently to a new font or size.
c) It is the Print Preview of the page.
d) It is what you see when you use the Format Painter.

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