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What is the definition of temperature?
a) How readily atoms give up their electrons
b) the adding of heat or cold to a substance
c) how close electrons are to an atom's nucleus
d) the measure of average kinetic energy of molecules of a substance

What is the opposite of malleable?
a) brittle
b) ductile
c) insulative
d) conductive

Substances whose atoms readily five up electrons are considered to be which of the following?
a) highly ductile
b) good insulators
c) highly malleable
d) good conductors

Boiling refers to which phase change?
a) gas to solid
b) liquid to gas
c) solid to liquid
d) liquid to solid

Stretching or drawing a solid into a wire in which of the following physical properties?
a) ductility
b) solubility
c) malleability
d) conductivity

Adding heat to a liquid causes which of the following physical changes?
a) increases mass
b) increases density
c) decreases density
d) no physical change

Given the values for density and volume, which formula finds the mass?
a) M=D/V
b) M=V/D
c) M=D*V
d) M=V/D

On an X-Y graph of volume (X-axis) and mass (Y-axis), the slope of the line represents which of the following properties?
a) time
b) distance
c) density
d) weight

What are the standard units of measurement for scientific experiments?
a) metric
b) Cartesian
c) French
d) English

What is the first step in using a balance beam scale?
a) zero the balance
b) use the counter weights and dial to balance the scale
c) put the mass on the trays
d) record the mass values

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