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Liquids are similar to gases in that they both have
a) a definite volume
b) no definite shape
c) no definite volume
d) particles that remain in contact with each other

Which of the following is always true when a substance undergoes a physical change?
a) The composition changes
b) A change in color occurs
c) No new substance is formed
d) Its specific gravity remains the same

At room temperature, iron is a solid and mercury is a liquid. Based on this information we can infer that
a) iron has a higher boiling point than mercury
b) mercury has a higher melting point than iron
c) iron and mercury have similar melting points
d) the boiling point of iron and mercury are both low

A change from one state of matter to another involves the transfer of
a) heat
b) atoms
c) phases
d) density

Evaporation occurs when a liquid changes phase into a gas, What is a good example of this process?
a) ice melting in a glass of water.
b) water boiling in a pot on a stove
c) soap bubbles bursting in a sink full of dishes
d) carbon dioxide released from a can of fizzy drink

You have placed a can of room temperature lemonade in a cooler of ice. What is the best way to describe what is happening to the ice?
a) Heat from the can is making the water molecule move faster, which melts the ice.
b) Heat from the can is making the water molecules move slower, which melts the ice.
c) Heat from the ice is making the soda molecules move faster, which cools the lemonade
d) Heat from the ice is making the soda molecules move slower, which cools the lemonade.

A solid form of a substance is usually more dense than its liquid and gaseous forms. Liquid is more dense than the gaseous form. Which of these breaks this general density rule?
a) Ice floating in a glass of water
b) Vapor rising from a hot cup of tea
c) Cooled magma sinking in a lava flow
d) A hot air balloon falling as the gas inside cools

Heat in a substance is an example of _________________ energy.
a) phase
b) kinetic
c) potential
d) evaporative

The specific temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas is an example of a
a) chemical bond
b) chemical change
c) physical property
d) chemical property

An example of a substance with a definite volume and a definite shape is
a) a steel beam
b) melted ice cream
c) a helium balloon rising
d) electrons in a cloud surrounding an atomic nucleus

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