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Wood that floats on water is ____________________________.
a) driftwood
b) waterfront
c) cardboard
d) junkyard

Land along a body of water is a ___________________________.
a) waterfront
b) driftwood
c) cardboard
d) junkyard

__________________________ is stiff, heavy paper.
a) Cardboard
b) Textbook
c) Landmark
d) Gingerbread

A _______________________ is where junk is kept.
a) junkyard
b) landmark
c) quicksand
d) beanstalk

If you get too much sun, you have a ______________________.
a) sunburn
b) quicksand
c) beanstalk
d) textbook

The stalk on which beans grow is a ________________.
a) beanstalk
b) gingerbread
c) quicksand
d) sunburn

_____________________ is loose sand and water that gives way under weight.
a) Quicksand
b) Waterfront
c) Landmark
d) Driftwood

You use a ________________ to learn a subject.
a) textbook
b) beanstalk
c) sunburn
d) gingerbread

A ________________ is a building or place kept to mark an event that happened there.
a) landmark
b) cardboard
c) junkyard
d) driftwood

_____________________ is a kind of cake or cookie made with ginger.
a) Gingerbread
b) Cardboard
c) Sunburn
d) Beanstalk

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