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Fatima noticed that her fresh flowers stayed fresh for only a day but Aisha's flowers looked beautiful all week. This step is most likely;
a) an observation
b) an inference
c) a hypothesis
d) an investigation

Fatima wants to find out how fresh flowers can be made to stay fresh longer. She should;
a) make a hypothesis and plan an investigation
b) make a hypothesis and a conclusion
c) make a hypothesis and analyze
d) make a hypothesis and a materials list

When planning the investigation, Fatima suggests using one type of flower, the same number of flowers, the same environmental conditions and location, etc.This type of variable is;
a) the constant or controlled variable
b) the independent variable
c) the dependent variable
d) the material variable

Fatima created a data table to record the number of fresh flowers remaining each day. This type of observation is known as;
a) quantitative
b) qualitative
c) sensitative
d) tentative

Fatima plans to test to see if sugar dissolved in the water will help the flowers stay fresher longer. This is the one thing she will change - what type of variable is it?
a) independent
b) dependent
c) control
d) constant

Fatima examines the flowers daily and notes on her data chart the number of flowers that are still fresh. This variable - the number of fresh flowers remaining is which variable?
a) dependent
b) independent
c) constant
d) control

Vases, flowers, water, sugar = what part of the investigation or experiment?
a) materials list
b) procedures list
c) variables list
d) data table

Fatima makes the following statement: If I add 1 gm of sugar to 250 ml of water then the flowers will stay fresh for over a week because the sugar provides nutrition. What is this?
a) a hypothesis
b) an inference
c) an observation
d) a conclusion

Fatima originally thought that Aisha's flowers stayed fresh longer because hers were more expensive. This is most likely a(n);
a) inference
b) conclusion (CER)
c) observation
d) hypothesis

Fatima made the following statement; Flowers stayed fresh for 9 days when sugar was added to the water. The sugar most have a preservative effect that helps guard against bacteria.
a) a conclusion
b) a hypothesis
c) an analysis
d) an inference

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