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What are the four states of matter?
a) solid liquid matter plasma
b) plasma solid gas liquid
c) plasm candles liquid gas
d) flames lightning gas fire

As matter changes state, what happens to the particles?
a) the particles become fewer
b) more particles are created
c) the number of particles remains the same
d) the number of particles increases or decreases

Which statement describes the properties of a solid?
a) particles do not move and have volume
b) particles move around and take the volume of the container
c) particles move freely with no volume
d) particles vibrate, form shape and have volume

Which object has the larest mass?
a) paper clip
b) feather
c) balloon
d) baseball

How do the molecules in a gas behave?
a) they vibrate in place
b) they bounce around randomly
c) they are locked in a crystal lattice
d) they clump together

What is it called when a solid turns directly into gas? (dry ice)
a) vaporization
b) sublimation
c) melting
d) fusion

Dry ice has the chemical properties of what gas?
a) helium
b) hydrogen
c) water
d) carbon dioxide

The melting point of H2O is 0 degrees celsius or 32 F This is the same as.....
a) boiling point
b) vaporization
c) fusion point
d) freezing point

What is matter?
a) anything that is visible
b) anything that reflects light
c) anything that has mass and takes up space
d) anything that absorbs light

What caused Mrs. Y's hair to stand on end with the vandegraff generator?
a) build up of protons
b) build up of neutrons
c) build up of electrons
d) getting shocked

If you add heat or pressure it makes the atoms.....
a) move faster
b) move slower
c) stop moving
d) explode

What is the point between a solid and a liquid when heat is added?
a) freezing
b) melting
c) evaporation
d) condensation

What is the point between a liquid and a gas when heat is added?
a) freezing
b) melting
c) evaporation
d) condensation

Dew forms on the grass due to....?
a) freezing
b) melting
c) evaporation
d) condensation

All matter has.....?
a) volume
b) weight
c) shape
d) mass

The temperature of dry ice is.....
a) 109.3 F
b) -109.3 F
c) 78.5 C
d) -78.5 F

What has mass but no definite volume or shape?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

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