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The law of conservation of mass says substances can neither be ___________or _________
a) built; torn down
b) blended together; separated
c) created; destroyed
d) condensed; extracted

How is weight different from mass?
a) weight is measured with a scale; mass a balance
b) weight is measured in grams; mass in newtons
c) weight can be converted to energy; mass cannot
d) weight changes depending on gravity, mass stays constant throughout the universe

During a science experiment a student is asked to list physical properties of gold. Which of the following would be a physical property?
a) density
b) solid
c) color
d) ALL of these

What can you conclude from the fact that electrons orbit far away from the nucleus?
a) electrons are extremely small
b) atoms are comprised of mostly empty space
c) protons have a positive charge
d) atoms consist of subatomic particles

The word atoms comes from a Greek word for indivisible. In what way are atoms indivisible?
a) they cannot be separated once they are bonded with other atoms
b) they cannot be broken apart without losing their chemical properties
c) they cannot form bonds with other atoms
d) they cannot gain or lose electrons

How are molecules different from atoms?
a) they consist of several atoms bonded together
b) they do not contain neutrons
c) they do not form bonds with other atoms
d) their particles do not have a charge

Oxygen has an atomic number of 8. What can you conclude from this fact?
a) an atom of oxygen weighs 8 grams
b) an atom of oxygen has 4 protons and 4 electrons
c) an atom of oxygen has 8 positrons
d) an atom of oxygen has 8 protons

Which of the following is an example of asubatomic particle?
a) carbon
b) oxygen
c) electron
d) hydrogen

What two types of particles exist within an atomic nucleus?
a) protons/ neutrons
b) neutrons/ electrons
c) protons/neutrinos
d) positrons/neutrons

4 grams of hydrogen and 32 grams of oxygen will combine to form:
a) 36 grams of water
b) 28 grams of hydroxide
c) 32 grams of oxygen
d) 36 grams of deuterium

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