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Amoebas using their pseudopods to engul food is the process of -
a) endocytosis
b) exocytosis
c) gated channels
d) cytolysis

Which is made up of cells
a) atoms
b) tissues
c) solution
d) compounds

Compounds that kill bacteria without harming the cells of the human or animal
a) passive immunity
b) antibiotics
c) active immunity
d) vaccinations

Doctors have been using antibiotics since the mid-20th century. What has been one consequence of the overuse of antibiotics?
a) Viruses are genetically combining with bacteria
b) The pathogenic bacteria are becoming extinct
c) Bacteria are evolving to become more resistant to the antibiotics
d) Bacteria are evolving to become less resistant to the antibiotics

How does a virus cell reproduce?
a) Asexually
b) Binary fission
c) A host cell
d) Sexually

Koch's first postulate is important because -
a) it helps to determine if a pathogen exists
b) it explains how to isolate the pathogen
c) it explains how to make antibiotics
d) it explains how to isolate the host cell

Organism has Type A cell wall, capsule, endospores, no flagella, is aerobic and ferments glucose, lactose and maltose. Doesn't cause lysis of blood cells or grow well past 20°C.
a) Organism is probably Diplococcus pneumoniae
b) Organism is probably Bacillus anthracis
c) Organism is probably Bacillus subtilis
d) Organism is probably Escherichia coli

Which of the following is *not* a kingdom?
a) Eubacteria
b) Fungi
c) Daisy
d) Animal

Which of the following units represents a measure of mass?
a) Milliliter
b) Gram
c) Millimeter
d) 2 loaves

The total magnification of a light microscope with magnification of 20X and objective set lens on 10X is -
a) 150X
b) 2000X
c) 200X
d) 2X

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