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A tool used to view very tiny objects
a) microscope
b) flask
c) petri dish
d) bunsen burner

What tool would you use to measure volume accurately/
a) graduated cylinder
b) beaker
c) test tube
d) flask

This tool is used to grow bacteria
a) petri dish
b) beaker
c) test tube
d) flask

This tool is used to measure the mass of objects
a) triple beam balance
b) ruler
c) computer
d) microscope

The tool that looks like a "cup" and is used to mix chemicals is
a) beaker
b) graduated cylinder
c) flask
d) petri dish

Which of the following tools cannot be used to measure volume?
a) ruler
b) flask
c) beaker
d) graduated cylinder

Which of the following tube is not used to measure with?
a) petri dish
b) ruler
c) graduated cylinder
d) beaker

The tool used to mix and "test" solutions is a
a) test tube
b) triple beam balance
c) bunsen burner
d) microscope

The most commonly used toll used by all scientist is
a) computer
b) microscope
c) petri dish
d) test tube

The scientist that would most likely use a microscope is
a) a microbiologist
b) meteorologist
c) ecologist
d) chemist

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