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Which of these was a decision in the Dred Scott case?
a) Slaves were free
b) Kansas was a slave state
c) Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional
d) He was an American citizen

A referendum is a....
a) popular vote
b) the name of Kansas\'s constitution
c) a referee
d) a book reference

Is it Friday
b) Nope
c) No
d) Rebecca Black forgot to tell me

Which of these did not anger the North?
a) Uncle Tom's Cabin
b) Underground Railroad
c) Dred Scott decision
d) Fugitive Slave Act

Which of these caused the need for the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
a) Bleeding Kansas
b) Caning of Sumner
c) Transcontinental Railroad
d) Compromise of 1850

Which of these was not part of the Confederacy's Constitution?
a) Missouri Compromise reinstated
b) Slavery
c) Independent States
d) 1 6-year presidential term

What was used in Maryland to keep them from seceding?
a) Insurrection
b) Compromise
c) Martial Law
d) Referendum

A big reason Lincoln won the election was.....
a) He had a lot of money to buy tv ads
b) Most people in the South didn't actually want slavery
c) Lincoln assassinated the other guy running
d) The Democrats split their votes among 2 canidates

Popular Sovereignty cant exist with which of these?
a) Gold Rush
b) Missouri Compromise
c) Compromise of 1850
d) Referendum

During the Civil War, which of these wasnt true?
a) Women did the jobs of men
b) The South had an economic surge
c) The North produced new farming technology
d) African-Americans tried to fight for the Union to prove themselves

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